The PARASOL VIDEO Sewing Tutorial

 The Parasol shorts and trouser has a concealed waistband which makes the fly and waistband construction not quite like other trousers. However, it makes for a high rise pant that is super comfortable around the waist and looks sharp especially in fancy fabrics. Perfect for some heavy denims or a satin pair for a night out. 

Because of this different construction I decided to create some video step by step instructions to help make the sewing process that much easier. 

You can find all the videos here: or view them here:

INTRO from Celina Bailey on Vimeo.


SEWING THE FLY- Step 1 to 9 from Celina Bailey on Vimeo.


Sewing The Pockets- step 10-12 from Celina Bailey on Vimeo.


Sewing The Trousers Steps 13-19 from Celina Bailey on Vimeo.


Sewing The Waistband- Steps 28-39 from Celina Bailey on Vimeo.


I hope you found the videos helpful and I can't wait to see what you make. Don't forget to tag #parasoltrousers or/and #sewensemble on IG for everyone to see. 


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